Promotion Hourly Package

Promo Period 1 January – 31 March 2024

Has your business had to pivot partly or entirely to remote operations in the past year? If yes, you are likely desperately in need of getting out of your home and finding a more productive space to work in. Whether you are looking for a quiet space just for yourself or a place to meet with team members, a Co-working Space is the perfect flexible solution!

But aside from the obvious ones, there are some that you might give you boost to expand your business by using Co-working Space, such as possibility of meeting new client, partner, and having access to onsite assistance.

Call and sign up now because our Co-working Space have Promotion Hourly Package include 1 of any choice Breakfast Menu & 1 of choice coffee and tea.

30 H : 1x claim promo
50 H : 2x claim promo
100 H : 3x claim promo

As usual, we have limited seats so hurry up now before it’s too late! If you have any questions regarding this promo, you may contact us via email to or phone 0821-4273-3558

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