Awareness Conference With New World Together

Who We Are ?

New World Together is a non-profit education project that is focused on finding solutions to the root causes of unsustainability.

Our approach is human-centered, meaning that we prioritize inner- develoment that empower people, communities and organizations to be part of the solution.

Doing so, we believe that we can turn the challenges of sustainability into opportunities for us to come together and make meaningful changes toward a better future for all.

By working with us, you become part of a network dedicated to create a sustainable and thriving future for everyone.

Pioneering Sustainable Futures :

Humanity is facing an unprecedented global and systemic challenge of sustainability. This presentation, based on New World Together’s transdisciplinary and human centered approach, allows us to explore the multifactorial nature of the challenge, its root causes, and its solutions

Part 1 : Facing the sustainability challenge
Part 2 : The inner roots of unsustainability
Part 3 : Pathways toward better futures

Other Subjects :

We can provide conferences on other interrelated subjects such as:
– How to deal with eco-anxiety
– Key forgotten knowledge to pionneer a sustainable future
– Sensemaking and finding meaning in times of great challenges and opportunities

Gain for the audience :

Participants will be able to improve their ability to
– Grasp the existential challenges of our times without being overwhelmed
– Simplify the complexity of our global situation
– Address the underlying causes of our sustainability issues
– Catalyze sustainable change
– Have a positive and realistic vision for the future

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